Sewer diversions

If you have plans to build a new development, an extension, or a garage or conservatory, you will need to consider whether there is a public sewer in the way.

If you want to build over or near a public sewer, you must agree protection measures with us before you start.

If you are unable to alter your plans, we may agree to a diversion. We will advise whether it is a major or minor diversion and what you should do next.

Building over or near applications are dealt with by our sewer protection team based in Bath and sewer diversions by our regional engineers.

A number of our documents are currently under review – if you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact us.

⚠ Important information

Where mechanical Pipe Stoppers are being used for manhole remedial works, air testing, or temporary isolation of sewers, a secondary restraint system must be applied between the stopper and a fixed point in the manhole.

A Check system must be employed in order that the Stoppers are removed on completion of any works.

Need to move a public sewer?

Fill out our application form if you need to move a public sewer within a site in order to maximise the development area.