Sewer adoptions

We may be able to adopt new sewers and pumping stations under a S104 agreement.

Occasionally, we are asked to consider adopting existing private treatment works or historic sewers under a S102 agreement.

All adoptable sewers are designed and constructed to a national standard set out in the Sewers for Adoption guidance book. We have an addendum to this guidance book specifically for pumping station design.

A number of our documents are currently under review. If you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact us.

⚠ Important information

Where mechanical Pipe Stoppers are being used for manhole remedial works, air testing, or temporary isolation of sewers, a secondary restraint system must be applied between the stopper and a fixed point in the manhole.

A Check system must be employed in order that the Stoppers are removed on completion of any works.

Need Wessex Water to adopt a drainage network?

Apply for Wessex Water to adopt a new drainage network that is being constructed as part of your development.