Our charges

Our new connection charges are set according to rules published by our economic regulator, Ofwat.

Ofwat has set five general charging principles which the charges covered by these rules should reflect:

  1. fairness and affordability
  2. environmental protection
  3. stability and predictability
  4. transparency and customer-focused service
  5. costs of the relevant service.

To achieve this, we have:

  • set cost-reflective, up-front fixed prices and where this is not possible we have included full guidance on how work will be charged
  • set infrastructure charges based on the estimated cost of network reinforcement over the next five years
  • provided an income offset on infrastructure charges to maintain the historic balance of charges (following Ofwat's decision, 2024-25 will be the last charging year that this will apply. Any payments received after 31 March 2025 will not include a reduction for income offset)
  • set cost-reflective financial incentives for those that commit to reducing the amount of surface water that enters our sewers which benefits the environment
  • new to 2024-25, offering a financial incentive for those properties with evidence that they will consume less than 100 litres per person per day.

The services and charges affected include new water and wastewater connections, new water mains and sewers, infrastructure charges and income offsetting.

For information on our current year charges, please refer to our initial documents below and for further and previous year information please refer to our document library. The calculator tool will allow you to interactively generate an initial quotation for your project.