Self lay

As a developer you may choose to lay water mains yourself under a self-lay agreement with us.

As a developer you have three choices on how the water mains and services are installed on your development site.

  • You can ask Wessex Water to install the water mains & services
  • You can use an accredited self-lay provider (SLP) to install the water mains & services
  • New Appointments and Variations (NAVs) - details about NAVs and how to apply

If you are choosing to lay water mains yourself by using an accredited SLP. A list of WIRS accredited SLPs can be found on the Lloyds Register. You can also familiarise yourself with the process by reading through the Water Sector Guidance (WSG).

If you are using a WIRS Accredited Designer to produce a water design for approval, please complete a point of connection application. This will allow you to estimate costs, determine the scope of the self-lay works and produce a design using a WIRS accredited designer that Wessex Water will approve (subject to meeting our design and construction specifications requirements located below).

Self-lay application

If you would like to lay the water mains for your development yourself, please let us know.

Wessex Water standpipe hire

To access a temporary water supply from our water distribution network, you will need a standpipe, a portable device.