Network maps

We can provide you with a copy of our plans showing the location of water mains and sewers near to your house or development site.

Most of our assets are located within public highways, fields or open spaces but we do also have apparatus located within private roads and gardens.

Request a map

You can obtain a copy of the plan for your property or site via our free online service.

What else do you need to know?

It’s important that you carefully review the disclaimer on the map before you commence with any intrusive excavation or development work (including making a connection to any asset that we own).

If a Wessex Water asset is located within the boundary of your site or general working area, then a surveyor should plot its exact position prior to any work commencing.

You may also require our express consent before those works commence.

Does Wessex Water hold records of private water supply pipes, sewers and drains?

The position of private drains, private sewers and clean water service pipes that connect properties to our public networks are not normally shown on our records.

However, their presence on site must be anticipated, and you are advised to carry out your own enquiries and investigations should you wish to locate them. 

What if you need additional information?

Once you have obtained the plan online, if you need additional information (for example, the depth of one of our sewers), then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How else can you view your plans?

We provide free access to view our statutory records at our head office:

The Operations Centre
Claverton Down Road

(Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, excluding bank holidays).

Public Sewer Records are also available at your local District Council.

Our ‘Extranet Service’

If you are contacting us for or on behalf of one of the organisations listed below, you may be eligible to access our statutory records via our ‘Extranet’ Online Mapping Service. This has greater functionality and once set up, you will be able to access our records from your offices/place of work.

The list of organisations include:

  • Local authorities
  • Statutory undertakers
  • Lead Flood Water Authorities or Drainage Boards
  • Water Industry Regulators
  • Emergency Services
  • Environment Agency
  • Open Water Retailer.